Volume 20

Using Marketing Channels Effectively

There are a multitude of marketing channels available, and you should carefully consider which combination of channels will work for you.

Today I'd like to consider a few ways in which email marketing could be combined with other marketing channels.

Use your print marketing to grow your email list

In your next print campaign, prominently feature your eNewsletter and encourage your customers to sign up.  Transferring customers from print mailing lists to email mailing lists will save you money and ideally give the customer access to faster, more relevant information.

I even have one client that offers incentives to sales people if a high proportion of their mailing list switches to the email list.

Try e-vouchers

Some consumers are voucher-mad.  Try emailing a voucher that the customer must bring to your store or website to redeem.

Utilise statements and invoices

Every communication that you have with your customers can be used to either provide or request information.  Promote your email newsletter on your customer statements or invoices.  You could even offer electronic statements and invoices.

Keep it fresh

The marketing channels that you choose this month may need adjustment for next month.  Use all of the tools available to you to gather information about the success of each channel and readjust your marketing mix accordingly.

Keep your message clear

Consumers can also be easily distracted from your marketing messages.  Your challenge is to make your marketing as compelling as possible while still delivering accurate and honest content.  Choose marketing channels that will give you the greatest chance of delivering your message without distractions.

Consider what the customer wants

Have you ever considered whether the product you are marketing is actually what your customers want? 

I read an article recently about a company that actually starts the product development process by creating the marketing campaign.  After they come up with a fabulous marketing idea, they then create a product to match the campaign.  This idea is completely alien to me.  Call me naïve, but surely we are in business to create useful products, not just to manipulate customers using clever marketing?

Don’t expect eMarketing to instantly solve all of your marketing issues.  While it has distinct advantages over traditional marketing, it is still just one channel and should be used in conjunction with an overall marketing plan.

This month I would encourage you to get creative and find ways to mix it up with your marketing.  Consider the advantages of each marketing channel and use each one appropriately.