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Email Campaign Creation

Personalise content

Easily link to additional information on your website

Automate subscriber management

Templates ready to use for:
- Newsletters
- Invitations
- Announcements
- eCards

Email Newsletters

Using MailManager you can easily create attractive and interactive emails with no HTML knowledge. MailManager contains a large library of built-in templates, and you can also have templates created to suit your specific needs.

Use our templates or design your own

You don't need to be a computer genius to use MailManager. It comes with built in templates to allow you to send newsletters, letters, brochures, announcements, invitations, surveys and questionnaires. Upload your logo to include it in your emails.

If you have the technical knowledge, you can create your own templates in HTML and use them in MailManager. There is no limit to the number of templates that you can use.

We also offer competitive pricing for new template designs.

Easy Editing Tools

Editing emails is easy. You can even upload your own images to include in your emails. Link from your emails to other websites.

Sales Representative Support

Use the Preview tool to see how your email will look when the subscriber receives it. Send it to yourself to check it over first.

Allow each Sales Representative to send bulk emails to their own subscribers.

Move your newsletters, letters, invitations and other emails to an archive after you have finished sending them. This clears your work area yet makes statistics about archived emails accessible at any time.

Designed for Integration

Import your customer list from your current Customer Management software. Use the MailManager API to automatically update your subscriber list when you update your in-house software. Export your MailManager subscriber list to Excel for use in other software packages.

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