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Subscriber Management

Send survey forms in emails

Save time processing paper surveys

All results available immediately

Use surveys for:
- Subscriber Opinion Polls
- Feedback Surveys
- Evaluation Forms
- Event RSVPs


MailManager contains a number of features to help you source subscribers and manage your subscriber lists.

Online Subscription Form

Create an online form where subscribers can join and opt out of your mailing list automatically. Ask your subscribers what their interests are and automatically place them on multiple mailing lists. Create an unlimited number of mailing lists.

Advanced subscription settings allow you to choose whether you would like to implement a double-opt in policy. Automatically send subscribers a welcome or good-bye email when they subscribe or unsubscribe.

MailManager also provides an automatic online un-subscription form, where subscribers can remove themselves from your mailing list.

Use MailManager to customise subscription, un-subscription and thankyou pages to include your own messages. Create an online Privacy Policy where your subscribers can view your Privacy Statement.

Subscriber Management

Use the built in subscriber management functions to search and maintain your subscriber database. Find out how many subscribers have signed up or opted out in any given period of time.

Sales Representative Support

MailManager allows you to link subscribers to Sales Representatives. Use MailManager to create accounts for all of your Sales Representatives and allow them to log in and manage their own subscriber lists.

Allow each Sales Representative to send bulk emails to their own subscribers.

Send an email to all subscribers and tell MailManager to automatically send each message "from" the representative associated with each customer. You can even include a photograph of the representative.

Designed for Integration

Import your customer list from your current Customer Management software. Use the MailManager API to automatically update your subscriber list when you update your in-house software. Export your MailManager subscriber list to Excel for use in other software packages.

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